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henry ayo
henry ayo 2015.07.28 16:56 
Hi  please can anybody  help me to write an indicator On EMA3-yellow-,EMA13-green-,EMA55-red-;whenever the  green EMA crosses the red EMA from the top downwards after the close of current candle,a SELL Red arrows  will trigal SELL SIGNAL. While whenever the green EMA crosses the red EMA from the bottom upwards  after the close of current candle, a Green arrows  will trigal BUY SIGNAL .  It is based on exponentials.I will  be very happyy if this could be your first positive response  to my requests. Thanks for the good  works and free services  you guys  have been rendering  to us here.
JD4 2015.07.28 16:59  

You can learn to code it yourself through the docs and/or code base, find one that suits your needs on the marketplace, or else pay someone to code it for you at freelance section.

If you want to give it a shot yourself, and are having problems figuring out a specific step, people are usually more than happy to help you with your efforts if you show the code you are using and what your specific problem you are trying to solve.  It is unlikely you will find someone who is willing to do your coding for you without asking for some payment.

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