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Dax problem MT4

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telsamat 2015.07.16 12:53 

Hello everyone.

I have MT4 840 build and I have following problem  with DAX index, it shows me in one click trading false vallues 1414.3 for sell and 1415.3 for buy (screenshot is old) instead of 11414.3 for sell and for buy 11415.3.  Number 1 in the beginning is missing. I have 840 and Win XP. Does anyone have the similar problem? thanks.


whroeder1 2015.07.16 14:18  

bugged vallues

Number 1 in the begginging is missing

  1. Bug: 
  2. Begging: Begging dog
PomeGranate 2015.07.16 15:14  

It's not a bug, it's a feature.... [sarcasm on]As Mr. Draghi and his comrades decided to hijack what was once known as free-market capitalism, the DAX will anyway never again fall below 10000, that is why you won't need the leading 1 anymore. I have already forgot it ever existed. Just start counting anew. ;) [/off]


It is no bug I think, it is a matter of convenience. When you open a position, it should have the correct value. 

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