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Calling a DLL from a Server for an Indicator

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Rockster MQL4
Rockster MQL4 2015.06.30 12:23 

I am not a developer. So, replies with simple explanations would be greatly appreciated.

Custom indicator EX4 files can be decompiled to MQ4 files. Build 600+ was to prevent decompilation. I guess that's not the case.

I have read posts of a possible method to prevent unauthorized access to the indicator code. The method is having a DLL

file that contains the proprietary rules of the indicator located on a server. The end user would have an EX4 file that

calls information from the DLL file sitting on the server in order for the indicator to work properly.


1. Is this possible?

2. Will calling the DLL from a server cause the indicator to react slower than if all of the code was located on the local machine?

3. Would this file sit in a directory of any web server or is it put into a database?

4. If the EX4 file is decompiled, would code be exposed that would provide access to the DLL on the server?

Thanks for your replies.

whroeder1 2015.06.30 15:38  
  1. I've never seen any facts to support a conclusion that 600+ can be decompiled. But if a EX4 can be decompiled, then the DLL call can be easily removed.
  2. You do not put a DLL on a server, you can not read what is on a server. You can not call a DLL on a server. You put a DLL with the indicator and it can ask a server for information.
  3. If the actual indicator values come from the server, then of course the indicator will be slower, it has to send the request to the server and wait for a reply.
JD4 2015.06.30 18:41  

Why not just keep the decompile part either all in this thread as a part of this topic instead of your other thread at or else just have it there, as it is the topic title?  Rock asked this same thing (the decompiling) on the other thread, and I will post here the same idea I posted there.  Is it possible?  Pretty sure if someone really wanted to, they could figure out a way to do it.  Is it kosher?  Don't think so.

As far as the DLL stuff goes, WH is right.  If you wish to keep security as tight as you can, limit access to what you are trying to keep secure.  Just remember that if someone wants something bad enough, in this day and age, they will find a way to get to it, no matter what you do.  There is always a toss up between security and accessibility.  It can either be totally secure but no one can use it, or everyone can use it, and it is not secure at all, and varying levels in between.  One solution I have seen suggested in this case is to put the EX4 file on the server, the DLL file would be on the user's local computer.  Now, how possible is this in real life?  I have no clue.  I have not gotten to the point where I needed to consider something like this yet.

Rockster MQL4
Rockster MQL4 2015.07.01 11:21  
Thanks WH and JD4 for your comments. I am not sure what to do to protect an indicator from being decompiled. Very frustrating!
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