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Precision of MACD in EAs

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rvalb 2015.06.13 16:08 


I am trying to use MACD and OsMA indicators in my EAs but I find that they lack the same precision they show on the screen.

When I use MACD or OsMA indicators on the screen and put the mouse pointer over a bar, they show some seven or eight decimal digits, and sometimes, differences between bars are in the fifth or sixth decimal number.

If I Print() or Comment() the value of those indicators, they only display four decimal numbers, which are often the same for bars that show different values on the screen. I have tried to fix this with NormalizeDouble() but the result is the same; I have seen IndicatorDigits() function but I don't know how to use it in an EA. 

 I wonder if anybody has also experienced this and have found a way to get the right figure on an EA.

 Thanks for your help. 



whroeder1 2015.06.13 16:27  
rvalb: If I Print() or Comment()
   double d=1/81.;Print(d);// with    #property strict 0.01234567901234568
                           // without #property strict 0.0123 ( 4digits only)

rvalb 2015.06.14 21:05  

Thanks, WHRoeder !

I have just implemented it and it works fine. 




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