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Downloaded data. Charts are now incorrect. How do I fix?

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Jared Presnell
Jared Presnell 2015.06.02 23:58 

I tried downloading EURAUD data from the history center download button, and I somehow messed up my charts.  I am not sure how to fix it, or how to reset the data back to the normal amount of data provided by default by the broker.  Attached is a picture of my chart as well as the data.  Every few data points seems to have extremely high volume, like it is calculating the time period incorrectly or something.  Problem occurs on the EURAUD M5 and M15 charts.  Thanks.  


whroeder1 2015.06.03 12:39  

Totally messed up. M15 chart should only show quarter hours, you show random minutes.

Open data window -> history -> broker, close terminal, delete the hst files. The terminal will redownload from the broker.

My biggest problem is not clicking on the appropriate TF before downloading.

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