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Alberto 2015.05.22 12:31 

Hi all, i'm a newbye mql4 developer and i need some help from you.

I have two tasks to do:

1 - Save real time data (every second) from all assets with these information: AKS/BID price, LOW/HIGH price, time, some indicators (stochastic, macd and others).

I read that for the first information i can use the MarketInfo method and for the seconds other methods like iStochastic. Is that right?

To get all these information every second i have to call them in the OnTimer() event, right? Ok, now the most important question:

Is my supposition right? Can you write few line of code of example to let me see how to get correctly ASK/BID price and 1 indicator like stochastic? After that, in which file i have to set the OnTimer() event to make it auto-start when i launch MetaTrader?

2 - is possible to send the data that i read every second through a socket? I'd like to send every second data to ZeroMQ or maybe a totally different software, but always through socket. Can you help me?

Thanks a lot.

Alberto 2015.05.24 19:45  
No one?
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