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Unable to click OK to Subscribe to Signal

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eddied316 2015.04.28 02:02 

I've been struggling with this for a few hours now. 

I'm trying to subscribe to a Signal, here in the market. I'm logged into a LIVE account within MT4, as well as my MQL5 account (which is also funded).

When I click "Copy Trades" the prompt comes up in MT4, I click I agree, and enter my password to subscribe, but the OK button is grayed out. Because of this I cannot subscribe to the Signal. I've tried about 4-5 different signals.

Any help would def be appreciated.


eddied316 2015.04.28 02:14  
Here's a Screenshot :)Help
Valerii Mazurenko
Valerii Mazurenko 2015.04.28 10:13  
Are you sure, that you have entered MQL5 password? Maybe, you tried to use mt4-account password?
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