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Is it just me ?

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Donald Gibson
Donald Gibson 2015.04.06 15:09 

Is it just me or is there an abundance of people in these forums who just refuse to read the documentation, search or try to learn how to code?

I do believe that MetaQuotes does need to spend a little time on Educational Videos or something like it. Over the years I have had to Google and search everywhere just to find instruction on even the simplest of code. The Documentation is written in such a way that the average person will not understand it readily, the Book is no different.

So where can these people go to learn?

Anyone have any thoughts on helping the new coders?

whroeder1 2015.04.07 12:29  

There are too many, lazy people, that just want/expect things handed to them. I use to say "There are no slaves here" but that was considered too strong.

Metaquotes is not a teaching company, don't expect them to teach coding. Learn coding (plenty of online C courses available). Learn mt4. Learn trading. Write your EA.

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