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Awesome Multi Charts Indicator

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mar 2015.03.21 12:28 

Hi forum,

recently I found this indicator which is imho really awesome. It displays smaller charts of different symbols in the same timeframe the main chart is.

What I find even more useful would be if the smaller charts show the same symbol as the main chart but in different timeframes. So I tried to modify this indicator but that goes beyond my coding-knowledge. Therefore I wrote an email to the creator but this indicator is from 2009 and possibly he already changed his email-address because I didn't get any response.

Maybe a coder here likes that indicator and can modify like I tried to. Or maybe someone already has an indicator displaying different timeframes at once?

I saw some indicators doing that but none of them was so clear and precise like this one.

Have a look:


Attached you also find the indicator.

GregorAnton 2015.03.23 14:33  
Great indicator!  Thanks for sharing :)
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