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Ping within Account Opening screen - ambiguous?

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winterz 2015.01.29 16:10 
Does anyone know why the ping can be so dramatically high or way out from the ping test I carry out from the SRV file of the brokers server within CMD?

It seems very ambiguous what this number really means let alone where it is derived from (definitively speaking)?
winterz 2015.01.29 22:24  
no one have any thoughts? Maybe this is the wrong place to post this type of question (forgive me if I am just being inpatient!)
Carl Schreiber
Carl Schreiber 2015.01.29 22:59  

I don't know what you mean with SRV file?

I would ping from a command line or I use the terminal itself.

At the bottom line you should see:

If you click on that you should see something like this:

These are the various servers of the broker and their ping times..

winterz 2015.02.03 16:00  

Yes, this is what I am saying is technically incorrect. You can find the brokers server address under the SRV file. You can then do a ping test from CMD. "ping: xxx.xx.xxxx.xx:xxxx"

MT4 is incorrect with their ping times and is actually no reflective of the trade execution times from where "you" are to their server.

 I was wondering if anyone could explain these pings in MT4 as it is not correct. 

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