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does MQL has memory arragement erros ?

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yalewang 2014.12.13 10:52 

does  MQL has memory arragement erros ?

MT4 version below 600  accupy  large memory and not release , after complain  ,it is improved .

1/   i also find EA in visible test mode does not match the value designed in EA logicalrism ,ie, if rsi <20,then open buy order ,but ,in the visible mode chart ,rsi may be any value .

2/   an  EA run in  demo account realtime test ,no order  was opened  in near two month ,but , backtest  these two month ,many orders opened ,all parameters  are default .

3/   the same EA run in the same brokers MT4 plateform ,some time one plateform   open an order ,the other doesnot ,,,,the account is the same kind  ,and the sever is the same ,all parameters  are default .

why get this result ?  do  you  find ?

Carl Schreiber
Carl Schreiber 2014.12.13 12:54  
Without posting the code you have to find out why 1/ 2/ 3/ yourself! Use Print() to see what are the parameters.
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