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Newbie question: Adjusting target price on all position. - page 2

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carlos santana
carlos santana 2014.11.03 10:38  
Nevermind I'll find another forum...
Agent86 2014.11.03 17:57  
I don't know of a script that would do it unless I write one or search the code-base here.

They will not post links to actual products free or paid because of strict anti spam policies.

These products will set or adjust your Take Profit levels for all or partial open and pending orders
But no one will post a link to any of it because there are many free and paid products out there.

I highly recommend that you search the MQL4 code-base for terms like close, close orders, close all open order, set take profit, set tp or trade management, modify takeprofit, modify take profit

Thinks like that.

There is a bunch of scripts in the code-base for this that might work for you.

A script to OrderClose() all the orders should be relatively simple to write also.

Hope this helps
Happy searching
carlos santana
carlos santana 2014.11.13 16:17  

Thanks Agent86, after some searching I've found it better to code it myself... For those interested, this is it..

Carl Schreiber
Carl Schreiber 2014.11.13 17:00  

I can code it myself, but I thought this community is helpful...

Ok, let's make the test: There were several requests for coding - have coded someone else idea?

I guess not - start thinking why!

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