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Who owns copyright on Mt4 expert? - page 2

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Well, we could state the term in advance and should agree or not.

Rules of Using the Freelance Service

I. General Provisions

  1. The Freelance section of website is the service for fulfilling Orders of programming in MQL4 and MQL5.
  2. The Freelance service is available to all registered users of
  3. To search for developers who are ready to write a program, an Order needs to be placed.
  4. A user who has placed an Order is hereinafter referred to as the Customer.
  5. To take part in the competition for the Order, a proposal to perform the work needs to be posted in an Application to the Order.
  6. Only verified users can apply for Order execution. A user needs to register as a Seller in order to get the status of a verified user.
  7. A user who has placed an Application is hereinafter referred to as the Applicant.
  8. The Customer chooses one of the Applications, and begins to negotiate the details of the Order with the Applicant who have submitted this Application.
  9. An Applicant selected to perform the work under the Order is hereinafter referred to as the Developer.
  10. All details of the Order are provided in the Requirements Specification.
  11. Job description should be complete, meaningful and contain at least 30 words. Replication of phrases via copy and paste is prohibited.
  12. If no conditions for transferring exclusive rights to the program developed via the Freelance service are set in the requirements specification, all the exclusive rights to the ordered software belong to the Customer. In that case, the Developer can use the developed software for his or her own needs on the terms of a free and simple (non-exclusive) license within the entire duration of the exclusive right.
  13. Using the Freelance service to place and execute the Orders violating the law (decompilation, creating malware or spyware, etc.) is forbidden.
  14. The Administration has the right to stop execution or remove any Order from the Freelance service without giving any reason.
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