Debugger is disabled - how to switch it on again?

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Carl Schreiber
Carl Schreiber  


I am working on an indicator which I just had run in the debugger.

As this (due to a loop of loops of..) runs tooooo long I killed both the terminal and the editor.

Now after some changes I want to start the debugger again but the button to start the debugger is grey and disabled ??

I restarted again both the terminal and the editor and again the debugger-button is greyed.

Is the mt4 angry on me? What can I do to make it up with it?

Of course the indicator compiles with no error and there is no additional info in the journal tab?



Paul Rochford
Paul Rochford  

I have today discovered my Mql4 "Debug" menu disabled it is now 02/05/2019 and I so far cannot discover how to turn it back on!

It worked fine yesterday and previously and the EA will compile. Does anyone have a solution to my problem?

I did cause error 137 "Broker is Busy" yesterday and cant find out why without debug. Paul R. (electronsenseM5)

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