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Hindy007 2014.07.13 04:32 

Hi all,

Just starting out here and wondered if anyone can help. Complete newbie question:

Do I have to already have opened a brokerage account in order to use the MT4 charts?  I can't just download the software package and use the charts for my own practice?


Many thanks! 

qjol 2014.07.13 04:34  
most of the brokers if not all of them offer a demo account
Sebastien 2014.07.13 07:25  

Hi Hindy01,

As qjol said, you can create a demo account with most of the brokers. This step is necessary to have access to market data. Obviously you can download a MT4 package whatever the chosen broker, but without a demo account, you can not receive data and MT4 won't be able to "build" charts.

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