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Is possible add extern variable from *.ex4 ( as #property library)?

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Pavel Soukup
Pavel Soukup 2014.07.10 09:12 

Hi guys,

add extern variable from files  *.mqh to main code is ok. But I cann´t add extern variable from library files *.ex4 ... :-(

Is possible it?

Thank you for help me! 

Halley 2014.07.10 10:27  

I am not sure if that feature was possible prior the 600 code, but it is definitively not possible currently.

There are some more differences. Prior to 600 the init() and deinit()  functions were triggered in libraries, but they are not triggered any more. The libraries must be present in the folder at time of their declaration, while previously they needed to be there at time of the first method call (you cannot generate libraries on-the-fly now).

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