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[MetaEditor - version 5.00 - Build 934] - Bug with Activate MQL5 Storage - URGENT

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   I've been developing some applications in MQL-4 (new release) language with the editor above, and was using the MQL5 Storage for Version Control.

   I was using it normally, but now when I need to implement new features to my applications, the following procedures are made to checkout a certain file:

   1) I select the file using Navigator Panel (MQL4\Experts)

   2) Then I click the Activate MQL5 Storage item in the pop-up menu.

   I just wait for two, three seconds and then MetaEditor is closed, I mean, abnormally ended.

   I already tried to install a new MT4 package, overwriting the previous files, but the problem still persists.


   I appreciate a lot for your help!


Best regards,

Fabrizio Sartori. 

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