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moish 2014.05.31 20:38 

i have a series problem i can't add any indicator to chart, i have only the reset button, no ok or cancel buttons. these problem is with all of the custom indicators (alsow the built in indicators)  i tried to reinstall metatrader several times but it didn't help i attachet a screenshot. please

Brian Nichols
Brian Nichols 2014.05.31 21:19  

This can happen when MT4 looks for indicators where they are not (or no longer) physically located (e.g., when upgrading from earlier versions to build 646).

For example, in the case of MT4 build 646 the default indicator directory is something like


where [USERNAME] and [HASHCODE] will vary. 

 What build are you using (Help > About) and are the indicators located where you expect them to be.  In particular, can you open any in MetaEditor?

moish 2014.06.02 11:04  

i'm using build 646

the indicators or at

C:\Program Files\Ava MetaTrader\MQL4\Indicators

i dont have any file in the path


the file appdata dosn't exist

moish 2014.06.02 11:13  

i just found this tree about the problem

the solution is to press enter after the window pops up

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