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Dealing Desks vs Non Dealing Desks

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LouK 2014.05.26 22:26 

Each time I think I think I’m ready to go live, a new piece of confusion arises. This time I was checking out (dealing desk) against FXCM (NDD) to check out spreads and anything else I might find. But I did not expect to find such a variation in the trade data.

 For example, I’ve drawn an arrow next to 2014.5.26  21:00 on the two M5 charts. Not only is there a 3.2 pip difference in the quoted low, but also a completely different characteristic as to what has happened

   -  For one broker the bar plunges to a low of .92346 showing mostly wick.

   -  For the other, the bar rebounds from a low of .92314 showing mostly tail. 

 Q: Is this the difference between DD, the broker setting prices, and NDD? I expected a pip difference here or there, but these data are significantly different .

 Q: Does anyone have any practical experience and recommendations as to which way to go (DD/NDD) if you’re a fairly frequent trader (a trade every 1-3 days)?

 Q: How do you write an EA or CI with such different data? What’s “real”? Tailor your EA or CI to each broker?

Thanks for any information on this.

Ian Venner
Ian Venner 2014.05.26 23:56  

Can you post those charts again with their price scales ?

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