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build 610 backtester log file does not log string inputs.....

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Jon Grah
Jon Grah  

This seems somewhat related to this bug here: In this bug, the strategy tester report did not properly display the string inputs. This bug was fixed in 610.

A new bug relates to the tester log files ([mt4 folder]\tester\logs ; all tests are done in portable mode and same folder is reused). The string inputs (the variable and the input value) are not included in the inputs used printout. The user has no way to know what string input variables (or actual inputs) were used during that backtest. I also noticed that the backtest period date ranges are missing.

Here is a screenshot from the tester report html generated after a test was completed recently. Orange highlights the tester start/stop dates; yellow/green highlights the string inputs:

and the tester log shows:

12:55:52 TestGenerator: actual tick file "C:\0Metatrader 4\Excel 1 Tick\tester\history\GBPAUD.5_0.fxt" found
12:55:59 !CleverTrader inputs: SwingTrade=1; GapProtection=1; MinimumTakeProfit=0.1; MaxBrokerOrderSize=0; 
MaxSpread=2.01; CalculateProfitWithComm=0; CalculateProfitWithSwap=0; MOVE_MoveComplete=360; MOVE_QualifierAbsolute=1;
 MOVE_MoveCompChangeTickCount=3; MOVE_MaxMoveComplete=2000; MOVE_RetracementQualifier=38.2; MOVE_IgnoreDistance=30;

no string input variables or actual inputs. And the tester time period range dates are missing; it should be logged at the start or finish of each backtest.

I would advise mq staff to check both the tester log file and the tester html output to verify that all the inputs (including string inputs) are being recorded properly.

This is for an EA compiled in build 509 mt4. 100% compatibility?

The tester is supposed to log all of the inputs and their current settings at the time the test is started. I never had a reason to check before, as I usually generated the strategy tester report to view the inputs used. I forgot to generate a strategy report before starting a new backtest and went to the tester logs to get the settings information and then I noticed it was missing.

Jon Grah
Jon Grah  

I should also add to this that when using long strings, part of the string is cutoff in printing the strategy report (and I would presume tester log files also):

I copied the text into a text editor and it seems that you allow max 510 characters, including the variable.

So when you fix the bug related to the log, I'm hoping you can also take a look at this. It is important that all logs/reports print all of the input information the user inputs for historical reasons. You can have some advanced setting that allows users to modify max characters if it is a big deal.

the tester itself appears to be accepting the inputs beyond 510 characters, the bug is in the log/report printing of the complete string.
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