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BorysekPL 2014.02.18 20:14 

Hi, i want save course as a value in global variable.

It need to be save as a current value, written in points. Not the Ask or Bid.

I want to use it to compare distance between orders.

If i use GlobalVariableSet GLV == OrderOpenPrice than it will be ask or bid price and it will be always current market price.

Anybody knows how to compile it? :)

Ubzen 2014.02.18 22:08  

What do you mean by Course?

OrderOpenPrice() isn't the same as Ask || Bid.

The OrderOpenPrice() cannot change for Non-Pending-Orders.

The Ask && Bid is always changing.

BorysekPL 2014.02.19 17:24  

I want use OrderOpenPrice or OrderStopLoss.

if I'll select order and save:



than, it will be:

OrderStopLoss == Bid - SOME * points // for Buy order


GLOBALVARIABLE == Bid - SOME * points // I can't use it to declare distance from this point in future because Bid will change.

or i will use orderopenprice as you suggest and will have little more countging.

thanks this for prompt, i'he been really thinking about pending orders

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