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Bubble System MTF

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rofranco 2014.02.15 15:56 

Hi All community. I am a practioner of MT too and have a little and think easy doubt. (haven't resolved yet)

These days my person listen and found a great system willing searching/doing another one and this was very nice.

The doubt is about the system I founded by auspicius (in multi time frame mode)

How calculate RSI (or other indicator of the system) of 14 times in n timeframes in each bar lecture?

I think if I can say, it will be like this:

There is a first possible bar to calculate in chart that will give us:

RSI 14 "times" in 14*1bar // give us m1 moving, (this on pattern)

RSI 14 "times" in 14*2bars //2nd explorer at the same "bar time" (give us m2 rsi moving 14) faster accompanish that static two minutes)

RSI 14 "times" in 14*3bars //and so on...

How make this lectures thin to fat?

Simon Gniadkowski
Simon Gniadkowski 2014.02.15 16:07  

Hi All. I am a practioner of MT4 and have a little and easy doubt that don't had resolved yet.

These thays I found by listen telling histories in my mind and gone do construct Bubble System. Was very impressive all because I was in other time "doning" a beauty job too!!

Good, the doubt is:

This code will give me to a read (rsi (14) m1 ; rsi (14) m2(2 bars calculate each one variation of rsi)?

double RSI = iRSI(NULL, 0, rsip, iClose(NULL,0,i+0*cnds), i+0*cnds);

If not, can we resolve this together and get the answer?

This is not a valid call of iRSI() . . . please read the documentation . . .

iRSI(NULL, 0, rsip,   iClose(NULL,0,i+0*cnds),   i+0*cnds);

. . . the 4th parameter is int applied_price and can be one of the following integer values . . .

Constant Value Description
PRICE_CLOSE0Close price.
PRICE_OPEN1Open price.
PRICE_HIGH2High price.
PRICE_LOW3Low price.
PRICE_MEDIAN4Median price, (high+low)/2.
PRICE_TYPICAL5Typical price, (high+low+close)/3.
PRICE_WEIGHTED6Weighted close price, (high+low+close+close)/4.
. . . iClose() returns a double not an int . . .

Also, what is the point of 0 * cnds ? it is always equal to 0 . . .
rofranco 2014.02.15 18:28  
//|                                            Bubble System MTF.mq4 |
//|                                                           2014 © |
//|                                         |
#property copyright "2014 ©"
#property link      ""

#property indicator_chart_window
#property indicator_buffers 4
#property indicator_color1 Blue//wick
#property indicator_color2 Red//wick
#property indicator_color3 Blue//candle
#property indicator_color4 Red//candle
#property indicator_width1 5
#property indicator_width2 5
#property indicator_width3 10
#property indicator_width4 10

//---- input parameters
extern int      BarWidth                        = 5,
                                CandleWidth             = 10;

//---- buffers
double Bar1[],
extern int rsip=14;
extern double rsilevel=30;
extern int adxp=14;
extern int standp=20;
extern int macd1p=12;
extern int macd2p=26;
extern int macd3p=9;

int cnds=0;
int rsic;
int adx1c;
int adx2c;
int st1c;
int st2c;
int macd1c;
int macd2c;

//| Custom indicator initialization function                         |
int init()
//---- indicators
        IndicatorShortName("Bubble System");


void SetCandleColor(int col, int i)
        double high,low,bodyHigh,bodyLow;

                bodyHigh = MathMax(Open[i],Close[i]);
                bodyLow  = MathMin(Open[i],Close[i]);
                high            = High[i];
                low             = Low[i];

        Bar1[i] = low;  Candle1[i] = bodyLow;
        Bar2[i] = low;  Candle2[i] = bodyLow;
                case 1:         Bar1[i] = high; Candle1[i] = bodyHigh;  break;
                case 2:         Bar2[i] = high; Candle2[i] = bodyHigh;  break;

//| Custom indicator iteration function                              |
int start()

 for(int i = MathMax(Bars-1-IndicatorCounted(),1); i>=0; i--)
  double RSI = iRSI(NULL, 0, rsip, rsic, i+1*cnds);
  double ADX1 = iADX(NULL, 0, adxp+1, adx1c, MODE_MAIN, i+1*cnds);
  double ADX2 = iADX(NULL, 0, adxp, adx2c, MODE_MAIN, i+1*cnds);
  double Stand1 = iStdDev(NULL, 0, standp+1, MODE_SMA, 0, st1c, i+1*cnds);
  double Stand2 = iStdDev(NULL, 0, standp, MODE_SMA, 0, st2c, i+1*cnds);
  double MACD1 = iMACD(NULL, 0, macd1p+1, macd2p+1, macd3p+1, macd1c, MODE_MAIN, i+1*cnds);
  double MACD2 = iMACD(NULL, 0, macd1p, macd2p, macd3p, macd2c, MODE_MAIN, i+1*cnds);

  if(RSI<rsilevel && ADX1<ADX2 && Stand1<Stand2 && MACD1>MACD2)         SetCandleColor(1,i);

  else if(RSI>100-rsilevel && ADX1<ADX2 && Stand1<Stand2 && MACD1<MACD2)                SetCandleColor(2,i);


Hi RaptorUK, liked what you saw and rephrased the question. The code above is the code that I have now and isn't colouring mtf yet.... :| The idea is pick the right closes and put at the indis parameters. Let's solve this?

Thanks brother :)

rofranco 2014.09.22 06:05  

Back again :)

I have a dream and think we deserve more parties for yesterday. All of us. Not war, not desease and not slavery.
I believe in Holly Grail and Mana (and Revolution)
This was the last signal of Bubble System on Petroleum (without Random adjustment) 

Very nice as we see.
So, let´s together with all our 
knowledge easy and fast construct Bubble System in Multi time-frame mode to reveal us all signals behind the scenes. 

With this on hands we drop the EA on spread arbitries charts and go all to the party.

rofranco 2014.09.23 19:40  

Five out of six indicators are resolved, RSI not yet.

I am trying two ways. Modificate RSI indicator pattern from MetaQuotes and construct other inclinable to be an MTF indicator.

Not yet solved.

The idea is add a variable in RSI that transform it into another time frame.

If variable is one (pattern) the bars analised will be one to fourteen, if variable is two, one to twenty eight with a step of two, and so on).

This will give us a lot of new time-frames.

Any ideas are welcome.

rofranco 2014.09.23 21:25  


rsiimtf.mq4 7 kb
rofranco 2014.09.24 00:08  

Bubble System MTF

Last five signals on EURUSD 1M





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