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EA versus indicator - technicalities

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Colin Gilbert
Colin Gilbert 2014.01.01 21:42 


This is a rookie question - I'm just looking at some indicators and what I would need to convert them into EAs to automate trading - my first attempt.

What is the basic technical difference between an EA and an indicator?

I understand the difference in their use, and also the different folders (Experts folder, or Experts/Indicators) but what is technically required in the code for MT4 to recognise that one file is an indicator and another is an EA?

For example, if you place an indicator code in the Experts folder and try to strategy test it, MT4 immediately recognises that this file cannot be "executed".

Can someone give me some simple pointers on the minimum requirements to convert a piece of indicator code into a working EA which carries out trades?



whroeder1 2014.01.01 21:54  
You don't convert them, you use iCustom to get the values.
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