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arash 2013.12.28 15:46 

Hi guys.

consider the following line of code:

iRSI(SymbolName, PERIOD_D1, 14, PRICE_TYPICAL, 0);

if SymbolName is english text, then when I test it the function returns a number, but if it is a persian string it always returns zero.

but if I use symbol() function on the same persian symbol chart, it works correctly and returns a number. is there a problem with string variables in mql4?
what should I do?

thanks in advance.

whroeder1 2013.12.28 16:11  
  1. Mt4 does NOT support unicode, only ASCII.
  2. You can ONLY get values for the pairs your broker provides. Market watch (ctrl-M) right click -> show all. You MUST use the symbol name, Symbol() or NULL.
  3. Don't hard code symbols. Use NULL, and put it on a chart.
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