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alert window + clickable ?

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relaxo 2013.11.24 22:36 

hello coders,

i wonder if its possible in mt4 with a script/tool to make usage of the alert/alarm window... ( looks kinda like this: )

what i would love to have is a possibility to click on like the pair it alerts me when it pops up and OPENS the correct chart and if also possible with the correct timeframe

so when like a new popup comes in and i get an alarm with like AUDUSD M30 LONG and i click on it, it opens the chart in m30 for me

is that somehow possible and is there already something out there? or no way to acces the alert window in mt4?

whroeder1 2013.11.25 02:26  
Can't access the alert. You could put of a message box (it stops the EA until a button is pressed)
relaxo 2013.11.25 10:43  

is there any other way that this could be programed?

you see this is for manual trading... i just want to get my alerts and check the chart if its a valid setup... but if i need fo find the chart out of 50 first with scrolling the tabs it takes ages...

So I would love to have a a tool that "collects" all the alerts, for example like latest 20 alerts listed by latest on top etc... and when i click on one of those, it will open the tab with the chart on it...

this would save me lots of time and i wouldnt miss any signal in the feature for manual trading

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