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EAs don`t work on some MT4 platforms - Help! - page 2

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marcat84 2011.09.23 02:32  

I found this problem interesting because I programmed something simple for someone before and they could not get it to work live nor in the back-tester giving the same error messages and symptoms you're describing. I believe the broker was OANDA. The person stop responding to my troubleshooting help so I never got to the bottom of it.

But you also mentioned it not working on the Default Mt4 downloaded from this site. I used the link on bottom of this website to download the Default mt4 and it worked for me. I'm No longer convinced that it's a broker specific issue or a version issue. Cause it sounds like even if you run a Blank EA which just prints(___Hello___) it may not work.

So forget the making compatible issue (for now), for one thing most people will not fix an EA for you here because this is a self help forum. I recommend that you focus on the Window Vista/7 issue.

Well, i have texted it with window 7 ultimate and windows xp, same results so... i think if nobody can make it compatible it won't work.
Simon Gniadkowski
Simon Gniadkowski 2011.09.23 09:16  

Did you allow the EA to trade ?

marcat84 2011.09.23 16:16  

Did you allow the EA to trade ?

Yes of couse Raptor. I am still looking for a solution. The same EA works also fine with alpari US, where SL/TPs can be added on the market order..

I am still very confuse about this, but at list i am quite sure that is the problem in this case.

Ubzen 2011.09.23 21:30  

Here. You don't have a compatibility issue. You have a Windows & Different Versions of Mt4 Issue. As you can see Johanm had the same problem and overcame it by doing whats listed in WHRoeder 2. List.

I suggest following those points even if you think you've already done them. Or think your problem is something else. If you want to make your codes Broker compatible then pay someone or learn to code.

Tsering Dawa Lama
Tsering Dawa Lama 2015.06.23 19:47  

i am posting this here because somebody may stumble upon this in the future.


 double  pt=Point; if(Digits==3 || Digits==5) pt=10*Point;


many many lines of code between these two lines, mind you! 






i have this in my ea.  i missed *pt and  took me a whole day to find out. ea worked in tester without problem but in demo and live it never traded. strangely the same ea worked in FXOpen demo! on other brokers platform no except one trade on oanda demo just one. i stripped of one by one the functions like modify trail close etc and even the signal. finally only checkopen is left and only then i saw this little guy missing! hope other people find it useful when using MODE_SPREAD, MODE_STOP::::::ETC.


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