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Chris Southwood
Chris Southwood 2015.07.06 13:48  

I also got error code 133 on a demo account.
Error 133 is the broker does not allow the trade. Now this was a problem because it was hedging trade number 4 and would have closed at a (virtual) profit within  this  sequence.
It is now it is dangling in a loss.
I think that the broker, XM.COM, had disabled the opening of new trades today - being Monday the 6th July after the Greek referendum.
Is the same instruction also sent to demo servers?
And is there anyway to protect this situation for live (Cash) trades? 

JD4 2015.07.07 01:32  
It is also a holiday weekend in the U.S.  Saturday was July 4th.
Chris Southwood
Chris Southwood 2015.07.07 09:16  

Yes, Sorry there was an error it was on ForexTime platform not 

I know that I am still on demo account with these people but a good test for when on real cash.  So I contacted their help desk. The guy who 'helped' did not know that much about his job. Constantly he told me about error code 138 - order-send or re-quote error (that I know  is mostly due to an erroneous EA. 
I asked him if he understood that it was not 138 that I was seeking advice but error 133 IE 'Broker does not allow trade'. He patronized me by suggesting I look at the 'experts' file to check the error and then go onto this forum to sort.

I advised him as I wrote the code I was familiar with error codes and wanted to know if it was his brokerage that rejected the trade.... he then disconnected the 'chat' session. 

Hope they send me one of those 'How do your rate our help desk' type of questionnaires.

In the meantime can anyone help in overcoming the problem of error 133 

whroeder1 2015.07.07 11:41  
ChrisSouthwood: In the meantime can anyone help in overcoming the problem of error 133 
  1. Terminal and EA settings allowing trading. (Smiley face?)
  2. Investor password
  3. Broker doesn't allow EAs
  4. Market Holiday
  5. Trying to hedge with US broker.
There is nothing that can "overcome the problem" if it's not one of those. If your broker wasn't helpful, get one who is.
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