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EA that changes long / short on MA cross

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Hi Guys, (and Girls if there are any)

I have been looking for a few days now and can not find what I am looking for, maybe someone knows help.

I am looking for an EA with the following stradegy,

1. open order on MA cross (easy to find)

slow MA: 10 Days (ea. 1D Chart; Period 10)

fast MA: 5 Minute (ea. 1M Chart; Period 5)

2. open buy on cross up and sell on cross down (also easy to find)

3. on next cross (fast MA cross down) close buy and open sell at the same time or maybe a bar later or close sell and open buy if the cross is the other direction.

Other features like MM, RM, tradinghours lotsize are a plus but not my main concern. SL and TP do not make sense

If anyone knows where to find a EA like that or how to program it, plse let me know! I have some basic progaming skills, so I should be able to edit a few details, but I have tried to program it myself and failed. Does anyone maybe know a useful debugger?

Best, Sebastian

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