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eosinophil 2010.07.03 09:44  

This is the type of Martingale systems I've been referring to. Are people so lazy that they cannot employ simple moving averages. There's NO Martingale system that beats Roulette so stop mis-leading the public. Some poor soul might read that and rush to the casino to make donations to the fat casino owners. I simply can't let that one slide. The math is pretty easy for your ea so why don't You write the ea and post the results of the back-tests here?

Yea. Some believe, some don't. I do. :)

I will try to write this EA and see how it goes.

Helmut 2010.07.03 10:10  

This is an EA which I found somewhere on the web. I don't know exactly where, it might be here on the forum, but if it's not here, you will be happy I uploaded it. It makes transactions based on the MA, takes profit after 10 pips and stops loss at 1000 pips. I tested it and backtested it and it works GREAT !

Leave some impressions here.

Thank you !

and many many thanks to the writer of this EA, whoever he might be !

Whatever it was you tested is not what you attached to this post.

I downloaded your attachment, escape.mq4, compiled it and tested it.

It wiped out the $10,000 demo account on the first day, having taken 80 positions in one day.

If you expect a serious comment, you better attach the real thing.

Bars in test 4972
Ticks modelled 802611
Modelling quality n/a
Mismatched charts errors 110
Initial deposit 10000.00
Total net profit -7849.70
Gross profit 777.04
Gross loss -8626.74
Profit factor 0.09
Expected payoff -98.12
Absolute drawdown 7849.70
Maximal drawdown 8361.00 (79.54%)
Relative drawdown 79.54% (8361.00)
Total trades 80
Short positions (won %) 39 (100.00%)
Long positions (won %) 41 (0.00%)
Profit trades (% of total) 39 (48.75%)
Loss trades (% of total) 41 (51.25%)
profit trade 19.92
loss trade -216.17
profit trade 19.92
loss trade -210.41
consecutive wins (profit in money) 39 (777.04)
consecutive losses (loss in money) 41 (-8626.74)
consecutive profit (count of wins) 777.04 (39)
consecutive loss (count of losses) -8626.74 (41)
consecutive wins 39
consecutive losses 41

Ubzen 2010.07.03 10:38  
Yep, it wiped me out too lol. I was too ashamed to even admit that I downloaded and tested it. So much for giving everything a chance. Some of this stuff should just be rebuked upon intro.
Brian Dee - Random Trader
Brian Dee - Random Trader 2010.07.03 11:24  

Personally, I couldn't handle a 1000 pip stop loss for a 10 pip profit.

Very sensible!

But does that mean the philosophy has no merit?


A 1000 pip stop loss is like having NO stop loss

Not true at all !

Maybe all the books we read that talk about "cut your losses and let your profits run" are wrong?

This relates to swing trading, not scalping

bool ExistPositions() {
for (int i=100; i<OrdersTotal(); i++) {
if (OrderSelect(i, SELECT_BY_POS, MODE_TRADES)) {
if (OrderSymbol()==Symbol()) {

BTW - this function above allows the EA up to 100 positions to be opened so when the crash comes it will be big!

If you want an EA to play with, start with this, there is at least a basic strategy in there...



brogers32 2010.07.04 04:54  

Very sensible!


Not true at all !

This relates to swing trading, not scalping

BTW - this function above allows the EA up to 100 positions to be opened so when the crash comes it will be big!

If you want an EA to play with, start with this, there is at least a basic strategy in there...



If you have a play around with D1 timeframes with small tp and large SL you will find many of these types of systems. I tested one also that used 3ma's on the Daily that would produce 25pips with an 800 pip stop with %100 accuracy over 10 years. However, just recently with the downtrend it takes massive losses that would wipe out the account if you were to have run it live at the start of the down-trend. You can't trust that kind of system to put it simply.
FourX 2010.07.04 14:15  


With a TP of 10, of which a significant portion will be lost to the spread (+ commission), and is only 1% of the Stop Loss. Regardless of the algorithm it will only take 1 loss to wipe out 100 profitable trades, and significantly more considering the percentage of the profits that the spread (+ commission) will take.. Such a thing isn't really even an EA at all:: it's made for compulsive gamblers. Its in the same category as: 'Lotteries are voluntarily taxation for those that are really bad at math!' Buying the odd lottery ticket once in a while as 'you can't win if you don't play' is one thing. But like the retired couple in the US that bought ~ $50,000 worth of the state lottery (where their is taxation on lottery winnings) figuring, or rather not 'figuring' it out at all, that if they bought 'most of the tickets (which they didn't by a long stretch) they would 'have to win' When they didn't win a cent they lost their house . If you are going to put your money into this EA, then I'll give you my PayPal account ID instead and you can send all of your disposable income plus more to me every day and every blue moon I'll 'reward you' with 0.1% ~ 0.001% of what you send to me.

Geese! Get a grip!

fixy 2012.03.28 21:16  

Hey Guys,

Could someone explain what are the entry conditions in Escape EA?



Point Zero
Point Zero 2012.03.28 22:58  
You are better off handing your money to strangers on the street imo
giatann 2012.03.29 02:25  
that's why is called Escape EA. you better escape from it hahaha
Mizan Sharif
Mizan Sharif 2014.04.13 04:19  

> takes profit after 10 pips and stops loss at 1000 pips.

Thats the clue right there! So users beware!!

Also note that this is set for full-pips so all the pip specific values would need multiplying by 10 (inc Slippage) for sub-pip pairs/accounts


I will say it a robot trader, not an ea. Excellent when you know the trend, good when you don't know. Force the EA to the trend direction (sell only or buy only) . If your trend prediction is right you can double your equity by a day if wrong your account will blown out. You can tame the ea by changing i=100 to i=3/4/5... according to your equity. Even you can change it to a trend following ea by changing few lines (change 'OpenBuy' to 'OpenSell' and 'OpenSell' to 'OpenBuy' and increasing the tp and sl/totally omitting, and close short before buy and close long before sell, a bit complicated to a non coder). There is another version without a large sl. By changing the 'i' value according to your equity it is better than 99% traders whether you run it as a martingale or trend following.


(NB. You can follow the discussions on this ea here:

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