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Code to FIX - page 2

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thank you gordon for attention.

CB i'm not a thief!

i guess a indicator who's in PUBLIC forums is able to be used. I don't understand your posture.

i see hypocrisy on it!!! Anyway, i can see nobody wanna help here.

I'd be interested in why you interpret this as hypocrisy?

I'll explain my posture, since you ask:

There is nothing to prevent someone (and I'm not suggesting you did this) reverse engineering an ex4 into an mt4 file and posting it on a public forum.

If the code is truly public-domain, then it would be obvious from a glance at the mq4 file. Instead it appears that the code you posted has been reverse engineered.

As a programmer I don't support decompilation of another programmer's code (where he obviously has chosen not to supply the source mq4) and I ask you to behave with similar integrity.


Alain Helstroffer
Alain Helstroffer  

It's easy to recognize decompiled code with a lot of _ and unused lines like that :

double gd_unused_124 = 0.0;


It is a very bad thing to post decompiled indicator  )-;

but I watched it, it compare the difference between two MA and the RSI, i rewrited it, try this one :

noname_i.mq4 3 kb
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