MT4-Java API - page 8

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Hello all,

I am a pretty good programmer however, I cannot seem to find where to begin with this API. I looked at examples and tried running them, read through the entire forum, and tried calling multiple methods but I am having zero luck.

The "MT4 Terminal Java API.pdf" lacks detailed information. 

Is anyone able to provide a guideline on how to implement this API properly from download to execution?

I keep getting null pointer exceptions as well as "no appenders could be found for logger (com.jfx.strategy.Strategy)" & "Please initialize the log4j system properly"...

I downloaded the zips, added the libraries to my application and tried to use basic methods such as accountName, accountSize etcetera. This is when I get the null pointer exceptions...

I did this all by overriding the coordinate method as the instructions say too. However, I am having much difficulty figuring out how to implement this API correctly. 

A step by step guide would be nice.

I am running windows 10 and using Netbeans IDE... I have both Java 64 bit and 32

Thank you in advanced to any help provided !

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