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Strategy Tester Requotes

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Wackena 2010.06.17 21:40 

I see there are now requote occurrences when running the MT-5 Strategy Tester (ST). Is it possible to advise what would trigger a requote in ST ? Such as increase in volume. Or, are requotes just random occurrences ?

och 2012.05.11 18:01  

Dear wackena,

I do have the same strange behaviour for a while. I am not sure this is because of a new realease, probably more because I am now testing my EA on an other currency (EURCHF - Multicurrency EA). Did you manage to fix it. I am quite disapointed to notice that there are no response to your thread.


wullemsp 2016.05.10 08:56  

Is there any further information on configuring requotes, especially turning requotes OFF.  I am using a STP-NDD broker that guarantees No Requotes and I do indeed find this is so.  The problem is that in the strategy tester there does not appear to be a way of turning requotes off and I need to, as the results from strategy tester throwing Error 138 with high frequency is totally distorting the results.  As I cannot rely on the results I am having to run my ea on demo (far too slow) where the results are excellent but I need to do thorough backtesting without requotes.  I will never go back to a dealing desk broker again and so removed the retry loops for opening and closing orders and even if I put it back in, I know that doing so would only distort the results.

Can anyone tell me how I can configure the tester to just use the Ask or Bid values for orders as submitted with OrderClose which is where I am having some problems.  No problems at all with opening orders.

I suspect that the tester was written when all brokers were dealing desk.  If there was something like an XML configuration file where requotes could be turned off, then I would be delighted.

Any guidance would be appreciated.


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