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Discussion of article "MQL5 Programming Basics: Time"

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2013.04.26 11:49 

New article MQL5 Programming Basics: Time is published:

The article focuses on standard MQL5 functions for working with time, as well as programming techniques and practically useful functions for working with time that are required when creating Expert Advisors and indicators. Particular attention is paid to the general theory of time measurement. This article should be of interest primarily to novice MQL5 programmers.

MQL5 Programming Basics: Time

Author: Dmitry Fedoseev

steve.vanlaer 2015.11.02 14:41  
Thank you so much for this. I learned already the basics of MQL4 and I was searching an article with wich I could begin to learn coding a pivot indicator in MQL5, and your article is very clear. Tank's to you and all publishers of articles.
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