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I say there is no good signal out here, at least for MT4

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Cheong Mun Pong
Cheong Mun Pong 2013.04.10 22:05 

Im still using mt4 so im finding a signal for it, i think we can discuss this here as is still offering mt4 signals.

My points

The very main reason why i say so is that there are no MT4 signals out here that lasted longer than 6 months.

Any one with good signals out there?

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev 2013.04.11 07:26  

Hi mp88,

Many users with good signals (there are many signal providers here on the forum) but for now - it is prohibited to promote the signals (for MT4 and for MT5 too) using any forum thread. So sorry ... 

Tonny Obare
Tonny Obare 2013.04.11 08:04  
Thats because the signals service is also less than six months old.
graziani 2013.04.11 10:14  

besides what tonny said, you should evaluate signals on other criteria rather then age.

Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen 2013.04.11 10:19  
besides what tonny said, you should evaluate signal on other criterias rather then age.

Can you share what are your criterias ?

Seems to me that age is a very good one, when a signal will have 1 year old, we will see more clearly the good one.

graziani 2013.04.11 11:02  

no signal will work forever, and one year is a long period. if something is working successfully for a year, it is very likely  that it has been changed somehow, at least parameter optimized. 

most important criteria should be exit criteria, i.e. you have to be able to decide in what case and at what moment you will stop following the system.

to know that, you need to understand how the signal works, what is the risk of single transaction of what is the risk of system: this gives you possibility to see exactly when the system is starting to lose, i.e. when market behaviour changed regarding to the system you are following.


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