2 ideas for new indicators : i need help

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eric pierrot
eric pierrot  

hello frds

1: idea multi time frame moving average

moving average of data high+low/2

4 time frames 30 MINUTES/ 4 HOURS/ DALY /WEEKLY DATA

time period of moving average must be flexible and imputable example 9 / 21 / 144 / 456

the indicator draw a chart with 4 lines different colors each for each time frame

alert when example

we chose the 144 PERIOD AND ALERT WHEN LINE 30 minutes cross lines 4 HOURS etc etc .......

and i put the indicator under the 4 hours chart to trade ......................

2 idea multi time frame ichimoku

time frame 30 Minutes 4 Hours and DAILY and WEEKLY

for 30 minutes charts we use non standart setting its not 9/26/52 : its 21/55/144

for 4 hours data its 13/34/89

for daily and WEEKLY data its standard 9/26/52

then ...

we need 2 indicators based 1/ senkou A AND 2/ SENKOU B ......of each time frame

the indicator draw only the senkou A 30 MINUTE AND 4 HOURS AND DAILY and weekly

and give alert when they cross and calculate the spread beetween each senkou

same thing for senkou B

.............. tks for having a look at it

need help to programm those indicators

pls kindly let me know

see u soon frds

le recidiviste


Hatem Abou Ouf
Hatem Abou Ouf  
Also, i would like to have help to design an indicator shows the angle of lines of Trix THV indicator. Thanks Please contact mcgene2010@yahoo.com for more info if interested. thanks again
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