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Modification for an indicator MT5

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Mantrid07 2013.04.03 12:00 

Hello I´m looking for a modification of an indicator. It´s the pivotpointuniversal indicator. I like to have medians added and probably a color fill between the M1/S2 and M4/R2.

My abilities are limited. I also contacted the author (no reply so far).

What´s the best way to go? Offer it as a job? I respect the work of the author. 

(What I´m thinking of, is getting the modification and if possible making it available for the forum without violating the authors rights) 

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev 2013.04.03 17:14  
If the author is not replying, and if it is not commercial indicator available as source code (not ex4 for example) so I think - you can make an entrance in Job.
Mantrid07 2013.04.03 18:09  

Thank you for the answer. Think it´s a good idea. 

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