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DMS 2008.11.13 17:41 

The Forex market is filled with information across a variety of currencies with different Technical Analysis patterns. With a 24-hour market, there is consistent information out there, but no real effective way to look at it all. There could be patterns out there right now that you're not able to identify because of the deluge of information.

With markets like the NYSE, that are closed overnight, traders use stock scanners to choose new opportunities. I was surprised at the lack of Forex scanners out there, so I decided to program my own and I'm now posting it for everyone's benefit.

Based on the timeframe you're viewing, the scanner will check all currency pairs that your current MT supports. It will look for some of the most common technical analysis patterns and output them to the screen for your examination.

Please note: This is not an auto-trader. It will merely scan all charts and present you with the results and you can decide whether to enter a trade or not.

I am releasing the M5 version. Other timeframe versions are available, please send me a PM.


Here's the steps to installing this scanner

1 - Open the zip file to a new folder
2 - Place the WAV files (3 of them) in the folder <MT4 Folder>\sounds
3 - Place the file Homma.mq4 in the folder <MT4 Folder>\experts\libraries
4 - Place the file GoHan_Scanner_Complete_M5.ex4 in the folder <MT4 Folder>\experts
5 - Open MT and attach the GoHan Scanner to a M5 chart

That's it. Now all you do is wait for a new bar and the latest alerts will be shown to you in the upper-left hand corner of the screen.

Remember, this is not an auto-trader. It will merely point you to the info and then you can evaluate the trade on your own. 


I have designed the scanner to look for a variety of common chart patterns across all currency pairs. The major patterns it looks for include:

  • Double Top Lower Close - a price has hit the same high level twice and the latest bar has closed down, indicating a potential resistance point.
  • Double Bottom Higher Close - a price has this the same low level twice and the latest bar has closed up, indicating a potential support point
  • SMA 200 Breakout - The price has crossed either above or below the 200 SMA
  • 3WMA and 5WMA Crossover - There has been a crossover (it will alert on either up or down) between the 3WMA and the 5WMA
  • Bearish Engulfing - The latest candle has closed down and "engulfs" the previous gain, indicating a potential bear run
  • Bullish Engulfing - The latest candle has closed up and "engulfs" the previous loss, indicating a potential bull run
  • Three White Soldiers - a consistent rise over the last three periods

There are a few other patterns that it will alert on, but these are the major ones.

This scanner is for M5 charts. Other timeframes are available, send me a PM.
Damien Olanier
Damien Olanier 2008.11.13 23:01  

It's very interesting, thanks you. :)

DMS 2008.11.14 01:58  

It's very interesting, thanks you. :)

I appreciate the compliment. It's a neat little program and I enjoyed writing it.

RobCy 2010.02.22 09:11  
Nice, pm sent
Than 2010.02.22 10:04  
Can i get for hourly & daily TF...Thanks
Elroy Bethell
Elroy Bethell 2010.12.10 16:33  
Can I get an hourly Gohan Scanner?
mikeshavine 2011.05.06 23:46  

hi thanks very much can you please send me the other time frames Gohan Scanner.very intrested in testing it out and randamonly trade them on different time frames to analze some data.your relpy is of great important.please do send them to or to my reply.

Thannks very much

bruno 2012.02.13 22:11  

1) Interesting :) I guess it doesn't work on every thick, like a common expert advisor,not practical...would you be better write it as a script instead ?

It would be less resource intensive,once finished the script, it would not keep scanning continuously, as it seems now.

2) For a practical use: after each scan, I see result as comments on the chart. The question is: are they related to the most recent pattern found, or the most current bar on the chart?

3) Ok, can i get for hourly & daily version ?

Thank you so much bruno
fatahuddin djauzak
fatahuddin djauzak 2012.03.16 04:19  


My name is fatahuddin djauzak and I 've downloaded the m5 version, could please you send me for the m15, I trade on that time frame often using bobokus fibo. Thank you for your kindness.

Kind Regards

fatahuddin djauzak /

JDeel 2012.03.16 07:17  

bruno, you wake up very old posts again. Do you expect answer from the poster really?

bruno 2013.11.07 16:20  

bruno, you wake up very old posts again. Do you expect answer from the poster really?

Thank you JDeel for notifying me, I'm a bit distracted at this moment :)
/ /12
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