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"Be sure to participate in the Automated Trading Championships, where you can get a truly invaluable experience!" - this is the motto of contestant Enbo Lu (luenbo) from China. He appeared in the TOP-10 of Automated Trading Championship 2012 last week and is now consistently trying to reach the podium.

We noticed that this year you have prepared multicurrency EA. Was it difficult to create it compared to a single currency EA?

Yes, this year I decided to send EA that was originally designed to trade more than 5 currencies. Unfortunately, that variant did not pass the test because of the 30 minutes time limit. I had to cut the portfolio up to two currency pairs. As a result, I chose EURUSD and GBPUSD because of their popularity. Multicurrency EAs might be a little more complicated compared to single currency ones if you want to use correlation of some pairs in strategy design.

Last year one of Chinese participants took the third place in the Automated Trading Championship. Are you inspired by the success of your fellow countryman somehow?

Undoubtedly. Actually, it made me believe that everyone from all over the world could have the chance to win the prize. I visit the MQL5.community site frequently. Most of all I like to read articles from which I get my knowledge to solve problems in coding trading strategies. Also, I read every interview and every publication on the Championship site if I have time. It is interesting to read those stories of other developers.

Enbo Lu (luenbo) - Automated Trading Championship 2012 Participant

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