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Automated Trading Championship 2012: Interview with Enbo Lu (luenbo)

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2012.12.26 14:50 

"Be sure to participate in the Automated Trading Championships, where you can get a truly invaluable experience!" - this is the motto of contestant Enbo Lu (luenbo) from China. He appeared in the TOP-10 of Automated Trading Championship 2012 last week and is now consistently trying to reach the podium.

Interview with Enbo Lu (luenbo)

Hello Enbo. Please tell us a little about yourself, how you got to the Championship and what ties you with algorithmic trading.

I have a master degree in communication engineering and a major in signal and information processing. I live in Shanghai. Now, I am working in a mobile communication corporation. Trading is one of my hobbies. I also like swimming and reading in my spare time. It was about two years ago when I opened my first account to trade FX. Soon I found it was time and spirit consuming when trading manually, so I started to think about using robots to automate trader's daily job.

It was that time I learned about MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. And I find it is amazing that anyone can get whatever knowledge he wants to design a trading strategy in your site and forum. Since I am very familiar with C and C++, so there were no difficulties in learning MQL4 and MQL5.

I also want to note the Step-By-Step Guide to writing an Expert Advisor in MQL5 for Beginners article which was very useful to me at the beginning. In fact, your site has a lot of easy to understand articles that will be useful to any newbie developer of trading strategies.

The full text of the news can be found at the Championship's website - Interview with Lu Enbo (luenbo).

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