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Discussion of article "Interview with Alexey Masterov (ATC 2012)"

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New article Interview with Alexey Masterov (ATC 2012) is published:

We do our best to introduce all the leading Championship Participants to our audience in reasonable time. To achieve that, we closely monitor the most promising contestants in our TOP-10 and arrange interviews with them. However, the sharp rise of Alexey Masterov (reinhard) up to the third place has become a real surprise!

The final third place must have taken you aback. It is the first time in the Championship's history that the Participant enters TOP-3 so unexpectedly.

Yes, it came as a surprise for me. Although I believed that my Expert Advisor is a promising one, the circumstances could have been unfavorable preventing my trading robot from showing its power. My Expert Advisor is designed for trends and the market was favorable to it during the last two weeks, especially when the traded symbol opened with a gap after December 25.

It seems that your trading robot has a very aggressive strategy staying in the market almost all the time. Why did it trade so frequently?

I wouldn't call it aggressive. The robot has performed only 53 deals. My Expert Advisor uses a reversal strategy trading without Stop Losses. Besides, Take Profit level is big enough. Therefore, there is an impression that the Expert Advisor is constantly in the market. However, on the penultimate day, it reached Take Profit level and did not enter the market after that.

Alexey Masterov (reinhard) at the Automated Trading Championship 2012

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