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2010.07.20 09:14

The CGV class for working with global variables - library for MetaTrader 5

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The CGV class simplifies the work with global variables of MetaTrader 5 client terminal.

Class methods:

  • GlobalVariableSet
  • GlobalVariableTemp
  • GlobalVariableCheck
  • GlobalVariableGet
  • GlobalVariableDel
  • GlobalVariablesFlush

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:

iStochasticOfOsc iStochasticOfOsc

The Stochastic of all oscillator-like indicators, included in MetaTrader 5 client terminal.

iUniMA iUniMA

The Universal Moving Average, it allows to select any type of moving average, included in the MetaTrader 5 client terminal.

Color Parabolic 2 Color Parabolic 2

Color Parabolic 2. The color depends on the acceleration factor.

TimerClosingPeriod v.2 TimerClosingPeriod v.2

The updated version of TimeClosingPeriod indicator, it plots the time, remained to the current bar complete. At the last second it plays the sound file, specified in the input parameters.