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DSZ Smart ATR indicator displays the current and future values of the True Range. Indicator analyzes volatility statistically and create Average True Range distribution over day.

Unique future is that time frame of indicator can be set freely from main window allowing to have different perspective.

Bars are red if values are below average and green when above.


  • Gives true value of ATR filtered from data from non regular trading time.
  • Indicates significant candles when they exceed expected values.
  • Delivers information about personality of instrument which is not obvious regarding CFDs and other non currency instruments.
  • Helps in creating trading plan.
  • Supply realistic values to calculate stop loss and take profit levels.


  • Period – current or custom one.
  • Height in % – size of the indicator window in percentage of chart height.
  • Height in pixels – minimal size of indicator window in pixels.
  • Joined Bars – display bars without spaces for less eye stress.

If this indicator is lacking functionality you want, be welcome to write me. I will implement it soon.

Yves Murundelger
Yves Murundelger 2016.10.28 20:40 

Very indicator, I love it!

Good job.