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Stochastic Oscillator Message

Unlike the standard indicator, Stochastic Oscillator Message (please see the description and video) features an alert system that informs you of changes in the market situation using twenty signals:

  1. the Main line and Signal line cross in the area above/below the levels of extremum (below 20%; above 80%);
  2. the Main line and Signal line cross within the range of 20% to 80%;
  3. the Main line crosses the levels of extremum;
  4. the Main line crosses the 50-level;
  5. divergence on the last bar.

Parameters of levels of extremum, 50-level and divergence are adjustable.

Signals are displayed as comments in the main chart window, as alerts, push notifications sent to the mobile terminal installed on your mobile device or as email messages. A clear advantage of the indicator is that it enables you to get and monitor signals to control position opening and closing using your mobile device while being away from the PC (in a car, at work, at a grocery store, in a room next door, etc.). Take a look at how the indicator can be used in a profitable multi-currency Trading Strategy on all time frames, that is also suitable for trading in your mobile terminal. 

Good luck in trading!

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