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Super Signal Series Magic Arrows

Super signal series magic arrows is an indicator that generates trade arrows. It generates trade arrows with its own algorithm.

These arrows give buying and selling signals. The indicator certainly does not repaint. Can be used in all pairs. Sends a signal to the user with the alert feature.

Trade rules

  • Enter the signal when the buy signal arrives.
  • In order to exit from the transaction, an opposite signal must be received.
  • It is absolutely necessary to close the operation when an opposite signal is received.
  • These rules must be followed in the sell process.
  • Or the user has to stop the damage and put the profit taking levels.
  • Currency pairs: Any
  • Time interval: M30, H1, H4


  • AlertsOn - send alerts. If this feature is activated, it will be activated in other warning properties.
  • AlertsMessage - send a message
  • AlertsSound - sound alert setting
  • AlertsEmail - email alert setting. Send alerts to mail address.
  • SoundFile - warning sound
  • Precision - indicator sensitivity adjustment. The standard sensitivity setting is 0.005. You can set it to a maximum of 0.008 and a minimum of 0.004 depending on the time zone.
Abrga50 2017.06.29 16:48 

Good Indicator !! but not show past signals

Version 1.3 2017.05.25
Corrected a minor error in the old version.
Version 1.2 2017.05.23
A minor correction was made to the alert settings.