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DAX Hero Scalper

Born to trade DAX CFD and now adapted to trade Forex. Best timeframes to use are H4 and higher.

This masterpiece is extremely simple as it is. No martingale, no grids, no additional indicators, few parameters to optimize (Tolerance and Range).

It has an integrated time filter which is useful to avoid some bad periods or to close any opened trades in some other periods.


  • ShowInfo - show account info on chart.
  • TradingOnSunday - enable or prevent trading during Sunday.
  • MaxSpread_PAIRS - set the specific pair max spread allowed.
  • MaxSpread_OTHERS - set the max spread allowed for any other pair.
  • Slippage - set max slippage allowed to open a new trade.
  • MoneyManagement - select the preferred method: fixed lot, lot size by equity percentage, lot size by balance percentage.
  • FixedLot - set the fixed lot to be used. It requires the Fixed Lot mode under MoneyManagement option.
  • Minlot - minimum lot size.
  • Maxlot - maximum lot size.
  • Tolerance - how many pips from the entry point the robot should "wait" to enter the market.
  • Range - since the EA will open a trade every new bar, this value will set the range from the entry point + Tolerance where the EA will open a new trade at the new bar (if no other trades in same direction are still active).
  • TakeProfit - to select the TakeProfit value (pips). This value cannot be set to zero.
  • StopLoss - to select the StopLoss value (pips). This value cannot be set to zero.
  • TrailingStop - to select the TrailingStop value (pips). Set zero to disable.
  • UseHourTrade - set a trading timeframe. The EA can open a trade within this timeframe.
  • UseHourCloseTrade - set a closing timeframe. The EA will close any opened trade within this timeframe.

I.e.: if the UseHourTrade will trade until 19:50, we can even decide to keep opened the trade till 19:55 by using UseHourCloseTrade.

Note 1: all the values related to time cannot be optimized but only backtest, as they are treated as text values.

Note 2: the screenshot attached shows a simple backtest with no optimization on the common major pairs with 0.01 lots.

Note 3: some other features for this EA are ready to be deployed. But for the moment we keep it as simple as possible and will evaluate in the future what to do according to your feedback and needs.

Mauricio Ximenez
Mauricio Ximenez 2019.04.30 18:01   



Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2018.05.10 14:12 

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Cooper Ninh
Cooper Ninh 2018.04.08 08:31 

Simple but powerful

Ma- -Hi
Ma- -Hi 2018.03.28 17:56 

Hello Simone,

the EA is a fine thing.

Great result at the strategy test.

I hope I get in the real use

a similar result.

best wishes

Aleksej Kravcenko
Aleksej Kravcenko 2018.01.26 07:30 

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Vincenzo De Filippis
Vincenzo De Filippis 2018.01.09 06:04 


Andrey Litvichenko
Andrey Litvichenko 2017.10.24 06:40 

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Version 1.5 2019.02.09
removed the stop values check
Version 1.4 2018.06.20
Disabled Lot optimization for Fixed Lots. Now the values are not optimized from the values received from broker, but the lot selected will be traded as it is.

Disabled SPREAD check for pairs during backtesting. Now you should just adapt the MaxSpread_OTHERS value while backtesting.

Added TakeProfit.

General increasing of values to allow EA validation on MQL5.
Version 1.3 2016.08.01
- Added TradingOnSunday feature and fixed issue with TimeToClose feature.
- Improvement of MoneyManagement function, now easy to understand.
- Added Spread values inputs for major Forex pairs.
- Fixed issue with spread filter while placing new orders.
- Improvement of error messages related to input values. You can now check the Expert tab to find errors related to operation not allowed, broker restrictions etc. without spamming.
- Added editable slippage function.
Version 1.1 2016.06.24
Minlot and Maxlot value are now available.
Added a check with broker values: if a not allowed value has been set it will be auto-modified accordingly.