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Trading Analyser

The aim of this indicator is to provide statistical information about the user trading activity as recorded in the MetaTrader Account History.

It can be loaded on any chart and timeframe and the information is shown on the main window and refreshed every time a new bar is formed.

The orders can be selected according to various meaningful criteria: their type (long and/or short), those having a given magic number, those executed in a given time interval, on a particular weekday, on a given symbol, etc.

The selection can also involve the order comment field (e.g., to help the trader to analyze orders closed under particular conditions).

Moreover, commissions and/or swaps can be optionally included in the calculation, so as to allow to quantify the importance they have in determining losses.

The most relevant information are also replicated within three buffers, for the sake of the interfacing with an EA so that you can keep its performance easily under control. The interested EA developer can examine them in the "Data Window" of the terminal.

Main Parameters

  • Order_Type: type of selected orders.
  • Restrict_to_Magic_Number: if true, it enables magic number in selection.
  • Magic Number: magic number of selected orders.
  • Restrict_to_Comment: if true, it takes into account the order comment field in selection.
  • Matched_Comment: if = WHOLE_WORD, the comment should exactly match the following string for the order to be selected, while if = ANY_SUBSTRING, then it is sufficient that any part of it matches the string.
  • Comment: string to be matched by the order comment.
  • Restrict_to_Symbol: if true, then only orders done on the given symbol are selected.
  • Symbol Name: symbol of selected orders (if empty, the symbol will be that of the current chart).
  • Monday, Tuesday,..., Saturday: open time day-of-week of selected orders.
  • Restrict_to_Date: if true, then only orders executed between the dates given in the From and To parameters are selected.
  • Include_Commissions: if true, it includes commissions in the calculation of the net profit.
  • Include_Swaps: if true, it includes swaps in the calculation of the net profit
Dmytr Npwmnysz״
Dmytr Npwmnysz״ 2018.06.05 23:19 

if you going long way, you need this!

dimitris 2017.07.25 20:44 

Works with no problems.

Very efficient and very simple. Very accurate.

Works equally fine with MN or with the comment or even part of the comment of an order.

Swap and commission calculation (exclusion - inclusion) accurate.

Yaotang Liu
Yaotang Liu 2017.07.20 09:41 

It's a very useful utility.

Easy to use.

Version 1.2 2017.07.20
- bug corrected in evaluating profit with commissions/swaps
- Profit Factor added
Version 1.1 2015.12.02
- Maximum consecutive losses and profits added in the report.
- Bug on text information layout corrected.