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The Ultimate Fibonacci EA

Ultimate Fibonacci EA & Trade Manager

With Advanced Pattern Recognition

Discover the power of precision trading with the Ultimate Fibonacci EA, an innovative Expert Advisor (EA) for the Forex market. This advanced tool is designed to work in harmony with your Fibonacci retracement strategy, providing dynamic responses to market movements and pattern recognition.

Core Features:

  • Fibonacci Retracement Tool Compatibility: Seamlessly integrates with your chart's Fibonacci tool, adapting to drawings, redrawing, or movements.
  • Test in Visual Mode of strategy tester: Test out the EA by drawing the fibonacci retracement tool as  you would in live trading, but in visual mode of the strategy tester. 
  • Intelligent Lot Sizing: Calculates optimal lot sizes for trades based on the Fibonacci retracement levels and your predefined risk parameters.
  • Automated Trade Management: Manages multiple trades, handles trailing stops, break-even points, and implements your profit targets efficiently.
  • Diverse Timeframe Compatibility: Can be applied to various chart timeframes, with tailored entry strategies for different market conditions.
  • Pattern Recognition: Identifies key reversal patterns like Double Tops/Bottoms, Head and Shoulders, offering alerts for potential trend changes.
  • Trade Management: Manage all your trades individually, on every chart, whether they were opened with the EA or not, using the BreakEven, TrailingStop and InProfitTP functions...
  • Set-and-Forget Reliability: In version 2.21, you can confidently leave the EA operational for extended periods. It is programmed to send a signal OR enter a trade just once based on your pre-defined parameters. After fulfilling this criterion, the EA turns that fib tool inactive for that particular Fibonacci setup, thus promoting safer and more secure trading practices. The EA will also deactivate a fib tool if the price closes outside the high or low of the fib tool, since that means the tool would need to be redrawn anyway...

Enhanced Trading Strategies:

The EA offers multiple entry strategies such as immediate entry on Fibonacci zone touch, MACD based entries, and Swing High/Low based entries. Each strategy is designed to cater to different trading styles and market conditions, providing versatility in your trading approach, while being based around your predefined fibonacci trigger zones.

Real-Time Notifications & Visual Indicators:

Stay informed with instant mobile alerts and clear on-chart visual indicators for significant market movements and entry points.

If you enable the SendNotifications feature, ensure your MT4 platform is set up to receive notifications. Here's how: Open MT4 on your computer and go to Tools & Options. Switch to the "Notifications" tab. Ensure "Enable Push Notifications" is checked. Enter your MetaQuotes ID (This can be found in the settings of your MT4 mobile application). Click "Test" to ensure you receive notifications. 

User-Friendly Interface with Advanced HUD:

Our EA features a sophisticated Heads Up Display (HUD) that provides real-time information on major trends, active trading functions, and goal tracking, all designed to enhance your trading experience.

Customization and Control:

Flexibility is at the core of the Ultimate Fibonacci EA. Adjust trading hours, set desired profit levels, and tailor the EA's functionality to match your trading style and risk appetite.

Please note that while the Ultimate Fibonacci EA is designed to provide accurate and efficient trading assistance, financial markets carry inherent risks, and discretion should be used when making trading decisions.

Get Started:

Transform your trading strategy with the Ultimate Fibonacci EA, your partner in precision trading.

For any questions or assistance, please feel free to reach out through the MQL5 community messaging system.

How to Use the Ultimate Fibonacci EA - Settings Overview:

Optimize your trading experience with the Ultimate Fibonacci EA. Here's a quick guide to its essential settings:

  • AutoTradeForTesterON: Default is 'true' for testing purposes. Set to 'false' for live trading.
  • TargetBalance & ProfitPerTrade: Define your financial goals and expected profit per trade.
  • AutoLotsON: Enable for automatic lot size calculation based on 'RiskPerTrade' (Recommended).
  • RiskPerTrade: Set your risk percentage for AutoLotsON to be based on.
  • Custom Lots: Set custom lot size for trades (Not Recommended).
  • Fibonacci Settings (Fibo1st, Fibo2nd, FibsON): Customize your Fibonacci retracement tool triggers and integration.
  • Notification and Visualization (SendTextNotifications, DrawArrows): Control text notifications and chart arrow drawing.
  • Trade Entry Settings (FibTouchEntryON, SwingEntriesON, MACDEntriesON,  EntryTimeFrames): Set what Entries you want to use. If Swing and MACD Entries are both "true" the EA will send which entry is triggered first.
  • TradingEnabled: Set this to "true" for the EA to open trades with your entries. You will still receive Entry Signals even with TradingEnabled set to false.
  • HUD Display and Trend Monitoring (HudON, TrendTimeFrame1/2): Enable HUD and set timeframes for trend analysis.
  • Trade Management (InProfitExits, TrailingStopSar, BreakEvenTrigger): Configure trailing stop, breakeven, and profit exit strategies.
  • Parabolic SAR and SpreadMultiplier: Customize your trailing stop criteria and spread handling.
  • Pattern Recognition (Pattern Recognition ON, Drawstars, Time Frame): Set up alerts for reversal patterns.
  • SwingEntry Functions: Define parameters for Swing Entry signals.
  • Operational Hours (Signals and Trade Entries): Schedule when the EA sends signals and enters trades.
  • Customization: Personalize arrow colors and additional settings as needed.

If you need any assistance or have specific queries, feel free to send a private message for support. Please note that lot size calculations aim for precision but may slightly vary based on broker constraints.

Practice your fibonacci trading in the strategy tester in visual mode: 

Yes , that's correct! You can actually test the EA using the visual mode of the strategy tester. Draw your fibs and let the trader place and close trades. Redraw or move the fibonacci retracement tool to make more trades. It's a great way to practice using the EA.

NOTE: PATTERN RECOGNITION REQUIRES THAT YOU HAVE THE ZigZag INDICATOR INSTALLED and SAVED AS ZigZag. You may already have this indicator installed in your MT4 terminal as it comes with most broker MT4's. Just check your indicators folder for its presence. You can download it HERE, if needed.(You do not need to place the indicator on your chart, the EA will use it automatically when saved with your other indicators.)

NOTE: The EA will react to the most recent Fibonacci retracement tool open on your chart, based on the time and date of the "Point A" of any retracement tools on your chart. Be sure to have your desired fib tools "Point A" as the most recent "Point A" on your chart.

NOTE: The newest update(V2.15) has made a change to the EA's fib zone trigger. Previously the EA required a candle close within the fib zone in order for it to start looking for its entry signals. Now though, the EA will start looking immediately after the zone is touched by the bid price. This way you will not miss any entries if price were not to fully close in the zone.

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>   60 % discount ( 150 USD >>> 89 USD) , special for10 buyers ( 2 left)    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< EA GOD is an expert advisor specializing on EUR/USD to maximize profit by 10-20% per month. Martingale is a strategy of EA GOD which NEVER Margin Call for 5 years backtest 99.9% accuracy with tick data suite.   Minimum Deposit: $180 Profit: 10-20% per month Strategy: Martingale Time frame : M1 Backtest: 99.9% accuracy with tick data suite    Setting Start Lots: Start lot Step: Dist
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Eine Besonderheit des   Galante-KI   -Systems ist das Schließen von Transaktionen am optimalsten Punkt, ohne sie lange zu halten, und das sichere Sammeln von Gewinnen aus dem aktuellen Markt, wodurch verhindert wird, dass Transaktionen in einen langen und großen Drawdown geraten. Der Indikator Bollinger Bands mit den Einstellungen des Autors ist für die Eröffnung von Trades verantwortlich. Galante AI   ist ideal für diejenigen, die sich keine Gedanken über große Drawdowns und das langfristige H
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Sondra Grider Hedge - мультивалютная сеточная система с мартингейлом,  автоматическим безубытком и трейлинг стопом. Советник достаточно установить на график любого финансового инструмента с параметрами по умолчанию. Параметры Lot фиксированный объем для торговли MagicNumber уникальное число для идентификации советником своих ордеров Komment комментарий к открываемым сделкам Минимальный стартовый депозит для торговли составляет 1000 usd. Прошлые прибыльные трейды советника не являются гарант
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Hinweise Der EA enthält maximal 6 Einstiegspunkte, die Losgröße pro Trade entspricht der Order-Losgröße multipliziert mit 6, daher bitte keine zu hohe Losgröße verwenden. Die standardmäßige Losgrößenberechnung erfolgt nicht prozentual zum Kapital. Unsere Standardberechnung ist nicht von der Hebelwirkung beeinflusst und ermöglicht eine genauere Risikokontrolle.  Es wird empfohlen, Kapital über 1.000 US-Dollar einzusetzen, um die Risikobeständigkeit zu erhöhen. Bei gleichzeitiger Nutzung mehrerer
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Profalgo Limited
5 (6)
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Weitere Produkte dieses Autors
The Ultimate Moving Average Crossover EA AFFORDABLE & POWERFUL - The settings are up to you. Create Signals and Automatically Enter Trades if Desired. Introducing our state-of-the-art Moving Average Crossover Expert Advisor, a sophisticated tool for traders who understand the unparalleled significance of moving averages in the forex market. Our EA isn't just any ordinary tool; it's a powerful blend of precision and customization that offers a multi-layered approach to trading. Key Features: M
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Version 2.24 2024.01.10
Just edited the swing entry default setting to be slightly tighter.
Version 2.23 2023.12.16
This update has added a new item to the HUD. Now you will see visually if there are NO FIBS FOUND, FIBS ARE ACTIVE or FIBS ARE NOT ACTIVE. Then you will always know if a fib has been deactivated or not.
Version 2.22 2023.12.16
This update just cleans up a little code for making the fibs active and inactive. The next update with have an alert letting you know if a fib tool is active or not just so its visually there for you to know.
Version 2.21 2023.12.15
I'm thrilled to introduce the latest version 2.2 update for our Fibonacci-based Expert Advisor (EA) on mql5.com. This update significantly enhances the EA's functionality, focusing on the automated activation and deactivation of the Fibonacci retracement tool, thereby bolstering the safety and efficiency of your trading strategy.

Key Highlights of Version 2.21:

Enhanced Fibonacci Tool Interaction: Once you've set your Fibonacci retracements, the EA intelligently interacts with them. It now responds just once to the Fibonacci retracement tool, eliminating the need for manual resets or concerns about repetitive triggers within the same Fibonacci zone. This streamlined interaction reduces redundancy and enhances trading precision.

Single Reaction Mechanism: The EA is now designed to act only once per Fibonacci setup. This means that after a trade is initiated or a signal is sent based on a specific Fibonacci retracement, the EA will not re-engage with that same setup. This feature prevents repeated entries or signals from the same Fibonacci point, ensuring more disciplined and controlled trading.

Set-and-Forget Reliability: You can confidently leave the EA operational for extended periods. It is programmed to enter a trade just once based on your pre-defined parameters. After fulfilling this criterion, the EA turns that fib tool inactive for that particular Fibonacci setup, thus promoting safer and more secure trading practices.

Methods for Activating and Deactivating the Fibonacci Retracement Tool:

Trade Initiation Inactivation: Once the EA triggers a trade or sends a signal based on a Fibonacci tool, that tool becomes inactive. It will only reactivate if you move or redraw it.

Boundary-Based Inactivation: If the market price closes outside the two swing points of the Fibonacci tool, the EA deems it inactive. This reflects realistic trading scenarios, where such price movements would nullify the relevance of that specific setup.

Movement Reactivation: Slight adjustments to the most recent inactive Fibonacci tool will reactivate it, allowing for dynamic and responsive trading adjustments.

Sequential Activation on Deletion: Deleting an inactive Fibonacci tool prompts the EA to search for the next most recent tool on the chart and activate it. Absence of any other tool means no active Fibonacci retracement until a new one is drawn.


The EA now ensures a one-time trade or signal per Fibonacci setup, unless the tool is moved, deleted, or replaced.
Any price closure outside the bounds of a drawn Fibonacci tool automatically deactivates it, preventing any further trades based on that particular setup.
This version 2.2 update is a testament to our commitment to providing you with a more reliable, efficient, and safe trading experience. We are confident that these enhancements will significantly improve your trading strategy effectiveness.
Version 2.15 2023.11.27
I have finally decided to make the EA trigger on the bid touching your chosen fib zone. Before it would only trigger if the price closed in the zone, but depending on circumstances, that is not always able to catch trades, so it is now based on the mere touch of your fib zone... Then it will wait for the entry signal just like before. I think this will be even more effective and you will not miss any trade opportunities then.
Version 2.14 2023.11.27
This minor update removes one of the original "fib reset" triggers. I found the EA was resetting its fib trigger to often the way I had it before, which simply resulted in more notifications than needed. Each time the price closed outside then back inside the fib zone you would receive a a notification, so if it went in and out several times you would get a text each time. Now it only sends it once until it is reset by an entry signal or one of the other resets within the EA.
Version 2.13 2023.11.25
This update brings in 2 modified features.

1. The EA will now continue giving signals even if a trade is open. It will never open a trade if another trade is open, but it will continue to draw arrows and send notifications for new setups. I changed this because I use this EA every day and I find that even if I am in one long term trade, I still may want to enter more shorter term trades as well. This way I can still get notified of new shorter term setups and can then manually open the trades. (The text message will also send the recommended lot size as well.

2. The previous time settings had a flaw. They only worked if you assumed your start time was after 0:00 and end time had to be before 23:59. You could not tell the EA to only trade between 14:30 and 7:00 for example, because the EA was starting a new day at 0:00 so ignored your request if that was the case. NOW though, the EA can handle any start and finish time. For me, that is start time 14:30 (5:30am my time) and 7:30 (10:30pm my time)

Im very pleased with these 2 changes. They have made the EA very well rounded.
Version 2.12 2023.11.21
A very minor update. Added an additional reset for macd and swing signals just to avoid additional signals after the first one.It will also reset after the second swing point is passed to avoid late entries.
Version 2.11 2023.11.20
Accidentally left a couple print functions in the EA. There's no effect from them, just for debugging, but not needed anymore none the less. They are removed now.
Version 2.1 2023.11.20
My apologies. Version 2.0 had the 1st trend timeframe on the HUD, set to 1 minute within the EA, as I was testing its functionality. Its now been updated to reflect whichever trend timeframe you choose.
Version 2.0 2023.11.19

In this update many new options have been added and more improvements.

1. The previous version would only move the trailing stop while a trade was in profit. The new version will continue trailing after profit threshold has been touched once.
2. The new version will also manage as many trades as you have open at one time. Maybe you entered several trades at different stages. The EA will treat each trade as a separate entity, only triggering break even or trailing stop or InProfit exits when each individual trade triggers that response.
3. The MACD and Swing Entries were basing their trade entries of the trailbars setting, but it is much safer to have the stoploss at the retracement tools "Swing 1" zone(The first point your fib tool is drawn from). All entries will automatically calculate the risk based on placing the stoploss there now instead and will do so automatically.
4. You can now set a seperate timeframe for the trailing stop to use to trail on. Since the trailing stop is based on the parabolic sar. indicator this can be very helpful for maximizing profits after the trailing stop trigger has begun.
5. You can now set any timeframe for entries to occur on as well, no matter what timeframe you have open(Based on MACD, and MINI Swing High/Lows)
6. The EA properties has been cleaned up to allow for a much easier to understand set of properties.
7. The fib touch counter reset has been removed, since it was causing conflicts with trades opening on lower timeframes than the open chart timeframe. There are now multiple other logical fib zone trigger resets, built into the EA.
8. Hours of operation have now been made possible for trade entries and text notifications separately. This means you can tell the EA when to stop sending text messages with one setting and tell it when to not open trades with the other setting.
9. You can also now leave on the entries you want, but with "TradingEnabledON" turned to false, and you will still receive texts to let you know that an entry signal has occurred. You can then choose on your own to enter the trade or not.
10. The new version has also removed the QuickBuySell lot sizing, based on trailbars, as it took up a lot of computing power. The fib based lot sizing should be sufficient anyway, as it has taken over the need for the other.

Version 1.13 2023.11.15
Fixed a very minor issue. Sometimes, when HUD is on the trend display took some time to update the trend, as all objects on chart were named the same. Fixed this issue as each chart will have its own unique names on the HUD. Also made it so that the font turns red automatically when trade entries are left on, to make sure the user remembers that they are on.
Version 1.12 2023.11.13
Fixed the minutes and hours of signals to work better
Version 1.11 2023.11.13
Updated the pattern recognition text message.
Version 1.1 2023.11.13
Fixed a rare issue with the strategy tester. When price landed directly on the same line as the 1st swing, the tester was doing an equation that equaled ZERO. The strategy tester resets when this happens, so that issue has been resolved.