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Kunde 2018.01.03 12:42 30 - 200 USD   von 1 bis 10 Tag(e)
Ichimoku EA

We need an EA that is trading based on the Ichimoku.

1) Breakout Cloud: Open long positions when the candle closes above the cloud, open short when candle closes below the cloud.
On EURUSDM30 this would e.g. caused a long on 2017.12.19 10:00@1.18057 or a SHORT on 2017.12.22 01:00@1.18656.
Closing Indicator will be when the candle closes within the or on the other side of the cloud.
For the above LONG this would be 2017.12.21 7:00@1.18666, for the SHORT this would be 2017.12.22 15:00@1.18517

2) TK Oscillator - The TK Oscillator should be an Osicillator mathematically and logically like the MACD but with Tenkan Sen and Kijun Sen as Baseline. If the Oscillator crosses above the signal line, it's a buy signal and if below, than it's a sell signal. Close signals are obviously upside around the above standing.

3) Delta Cloud Oscillator- Delta Cloud is the distance between marketprice and cloud. If the marketprice is within the cloud the value is null. Crosses the Ozilator above it's signal line, it's a buy and upside around. Close signals are obviously upside around the above standing.

4) EMA & RSI Supported: Price above cloud or breaking out, 21 period EMA with upward slope, Kijun Sen with upward trend and RSI crossed the 50 or is smaller than 50 will lead to a long signal and upside around will lead to a short signal. No closing signal. So Position-Management 2 will not be supported and 4 will only cause on trade instead of 2.

1) Future Cloud Confirmation (true/false): Only enter the trade, when the future cloud is confirming the direction of the trade.
2) Strong-Signals Only: TK & Delta Oscillator we only allow going long if the value is below 0 and short only above 0. For 4 this means that the RSI must be between 50 and 40 for a long and 60 to 50 for short.
3) The EA needs a Newsfilter to avoid trading during news & the timeframe of not trading for this pair define in minutes before and minutes after. 

Position-Management: The EA should have 4 trading modes.
1) Open with TP & SL
2) Open on Indicator, Close on Indicator
3) Open with trailing SL based on 
a) pips
b  Cloud
c) Tenkan Sen
d) Kijun Sen
e) Bill Williams Fractals
4) Combination of 2 & 3 = 2 Trades per Signal

fixed Lots or percentage of the used capital.
The system should work on any market and any given timeframe.

The used EA should visually explain what he is doing, so that the actions can be noticed and understood. Specially for testing and debugging.

Any kind of improvements specially machine learning approaches are very welcome. 
Experten, MQL5

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