Replication: Connection of MATLAB and MetaTrader 4 via ZeroMQ

2020.05.09 Sonstiges


I need a replication of a previous job, that exactly meets my needs:

I need to be able to run commands (for buy by market, get historical data etc.) from Matlab and send them to MetaTrader and receive results back to Matlab. I should work even if MetaTrader is working on wineskin and Matlab is on MacOSX. I heard that the best solution for this is using ZeroMQ.

So the task is to create connection with Matlab and MetaTrader 4 (MT4) via ZeroMQ and make 2 sample codes:
- to send order for buy 0.1 lot of EURUSD by market from Matlab with execution in MT4;
- to receive historical data for the past week for EURUSD on timeframe 15 minutes. Get it to Matlab from MT4.

Then briefly describe how and what should I modify to get more commands working (I know Matlab pretty well, but no MQL4 neither ZeroMQ).

Open source codes for help:
- MetaTrader 4 - ZeroMQ:
- Matlab - ZeroMQ:

Some articles for help:


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