How to fully deactivate MQL Storage


Hi Traders!

I just want to give VisualStudioCode and Github as VersionControl a Try (instead of MQL Storage).

How could i completely disable MQL Storage?

What i've done before:

- I did two Backups of every File in MQL5-Folder

- I read the MQL-Storage help...didn't find a way to disable it.

- I tried to login to   hoping, that there would be a possibility to disable it. But with using my mql5 community-Login-Data (as described) the login there doesn't work! How could i do a login there?

- I deleted every file or folder in MetaEditor in Storage in every single Metatrader i have used (FXFlat, JFD...on 2 PCs)

--> Still after a right-click on the navigator the typical "MQLStorage" Menu-Point are shown (although non of these folders are added...only "add" ist is greyed out)

--> Ist THIS already the most possible deactivation...or do i need to install all 4 Metatrader again(so that the typical Message is shown to "activate MQL5 Storage" (which i then won't press ;-)) OR could MQL Storage be deactivated otherwise?

Thanks you very much for your help!


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